The Backstory...

I grew up in Northern California and in high school met my future husband Stephen. In college I was first introduced to my love for photography and sharing the joy of my work through blogging. After being encouraged by friends, we started TréCreative and jumped in full time once graduating from college.  After five years of dating, we vowed to the lifelong adventure of marriage together. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would become a creative entrepreneur. A few years into the business, Stephen gifted me my film camera, a gorgeous vintage medium format camera. I fell in love instantly with the look of film and haven't looked back since. When we're not out traveling the world together, you can find us snuggled up on our favorite couch dreaming of our next adventure together. It's been almost six years since we started TréCreative and it still gets me emotional to think how blessed we are to have a creative passion and love for our work.

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Love At First Scan...

After getting my first film scans developed, I was hooked. Film can capture light, shadows and color unlike any other medium. Living in a world of digital everything and instant gratification, shooting photography on film has been a magical experience that has awakened a new creativity in me. The process of shooting analogue film forces me to slow down, to value every frame.

Above all, I love capturing raw, authentic moments of the deep love and connection a family shares. Slowing down and shooting film allows me to capture intimate glimpses of families that cannot be replicated on digital. 



With newborns, time is stretched and accelerated all at the same time. There are so many irreplaceable moments and change happens by the hour. Babies are a precious gift, the start of a new family adventure. In our business, one of our greatest goals is that our work would not only preserve, but encourage this spirit of family legacy. I feel incredibly honored and privileged to be the one to freeze time and bring you back to that very emotion of bringing your baby home for the first time.

Our photos hang in homes all around the world. Little monuments that say "this is what we stand for". The families we work with believe in creating this legacy of love and it shines through in their sessions.

Our sessions are not about mimicking the latest Pinterest trend, incorporating props, or overly posing your newborn into an unnatural position. Babies will only be placed in a swaddle or their parent's arms for comfort. This is what it's all about for us. Let's lean into the bond between a father and his daughter. Let's let little sis' be so proud of her baby brother. I'm here to capture those sweet natural moments that often pass by without notice.