A Purposeful Approach to California Lifestyle Photography

If you long for a genuine photos of your newborn and family, in home lifestyle sessions are for you.



You invite me into your home and I'll do the rest. I photograph all family sessions in the very spaces you raise your little ones. Homes come in all shapes and sizes. Decoration styles vary and that's the beauty of shooting in different people's homes. Every space is new. It has your personal touches throughout which makes these sessions highly personalized from the start.

Whenever we have these sessions, I tell our families to not worry about having their houses perfectly clean. It doesn't matter if your home is decorated just the way you want it or if you're still personalizing it. One thing I know for sure is having these photos will remind you of the season you and your family were in. Capturing the busyness and freezing precious moments as they were. Our homes are always a work in progress and I promise to document the space you've created for your family in a beautiful way.



Whether you're going to be a new momma or this is your third baby on the way I want to break a lie I've heard from the moms we've worked with before. It doesn't matter if you're in the most perfect shape or still in process. I can promise you years from now, you will never regret having photos of you with your little ones when they were so small. You will look back and the last thing you will think about is how you looked that day. All you'll see is how you felt. You'll be brought back to that moment, how small your baby boy or girl once was, and the beautiful story unfolding.

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These Sessions Are For You If...

• You have a home and want your current season of life captured in that space. 

• You desire photos of you with your significant other or with your children. Parents do an incredible job of capturing their little ones but more often then not, they forget to actually be in the photo. Let me do what I do best and you worry about cuddling closer to your little one.

• You want raw, authentic photos that remind you daily why you show up for your family. They are a tribute to your unconditional love, and a proud celebration of the legacy you are building.

• You want images that stand the test of time. Especially for the hard days, when the house is a mess, when the baby won't sleep, or when your toddler is being cranky. These precious happy moments transcend hard days and remind you why it's all worth it.


These Sessions Are NOT For You If...

• Your family prefers traditional posed photos where everyone is always smiling looking at the camera. While we think those are important and make sure to capture one or two, traditional portraits are not the focus of these sessions.

• You want to use a lot of props or to mimic the latest Pinterest trend. Our sessions are very candid and minimal. We focus on you, your baby and your home. 

• You’re not comfortable having others in your home. I get up close and personal in your space which is why trust and vulnerability is important. Homes come in all shapes and sizes. People live in spaces for their entire life or just for a season. Whatever that is, our families have to be okay with having others in and be willing to have parts of it highlighted. 

Because I only take on a limited amount of lifestyle sessions, I want to make sure we're the very best fit so I can serve you at the highest level. If you are reading this saying YES that's me, inquire about working with me below...